25 January, 2012

And You Laugh Correctly

SPK - Leichenschrei (1982)

Considered by many to be the quintessential industrial record, but why is it so damn hard to find a decent scan of the cover? SPK was an Australian band formed in '78. They began as a pioneering noise and industrial group, but signed to a major label and turned to synth-pop after one of the founding members committed suicide. Failing to attract any mainstream attention, SPK was dropped from Warner and transformed into Graeme Revell's musical moniker. Revell, the surviving SPK founder, pursued an ambient neoclassical sound. It wasn't long before he would ditch the SPK handle and pursue a successful Hollywood career composing film scores. Perhaps you've heard his work in the classic films Might Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie or Shark Night 3D. It's only fitting that Leichenschrei would make the perfect score to a documentary about vivisection.

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