29 February, 2012

Violanta Bernardu

Drudkh - Eternal Turn Of The Wheel (2012)

Brand new stuff from everyone's favorite Ukrainian pagan black metal band in celebration of Black month coming to an end.

28 February, 2012


King Dude - Tonight's Special Death (2010)

Experience the softer side of TJ Cowgill: a man typically occupied with spewing blasphemous growls and hooking brothers up with snapbacks. Under the guise of his Dudeness, he crafts intimate folk tracks with the occasional hint of country (don't expect another Death In June; in fact neofolk is not a good label for this, but I'm too lazy to make a new one).
This is the first King Dude album: a limited CD-R released on Disaro.

26 February, 2012

Google Proof

Psychic TV - Force The Hand Of Chance (1982)

GP-O and his sexually ambiguous crew return to LA tonight for what is sure to be the social event of the season. I'm interested in seeing what he can do without Sleazy. Good thing I live five minutes away from the venue and don't have to sit through the openers.

"I think there is a video of Gen and Courtney Love using a double dong dildo in each other's ASS in the waiting room of their plastic surgeons."

25 February, 2012


Phaidia - In The Dark (1985)

You'd figure that a country as technologically advanced as Japan would be able to produce high res scans of obscure albums. Phaidia was a short-lived Japanese quartet. Their lack of material probably has something to do with the fact that all of the members were simultaneously involved in some other project, most notably drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. Anyway, Phaidia is Japan's best attempt at Batcave. Some have compared them to Christian Death, but I find them more similar to Sex Gang Children.


Coma - In A Coma... (1985)

The gutters of the Saitama Super Arena will be flowing with blood once again! I'm posting a couple of Japanese records in honor of the festivities going on tonight in the land of the rising sun. First is a post-punk named Coma. As far as I can tell, this is their only release and likely a side-project for their guitarist/bassist whose main band I will be posting next. Sounds like a Japanese combination of PiL and Bauhaus, but you could probably already tell that from the logo.

24 February, 2012

Marie-Joseph Angélique

Akitsa - La Grande Infamie (2005)

Black month is winding down but we're intensifying the level of unholiness. Akitsa is a Canadian duo hailing from the frozen plains of Quebec. This release is probably my favorite of theirs and features banshee shrieks with that classic Fisher Price tape recorder production. Perfect for raping virgins and desecrating goats, or vice versa if you're a PC weenie.

23 February, 2012

De Casu Diaboli

Swans - We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Head (2012)

M. Gira and crew released a limited 2xCD album to fund the upcoming Swans record tentatively named "The Seer." The first disc and a half are live recordings from their 2011 world tour, and features classics like "I Crawled" and (surprisingly) "Beautiful Child," as well as plenty of new material. The rest of the second disc features acoustic demos for the forthcoming record with a spoken introduction from Gira himself. He drops a Lady Gaga joke, and makes it a point to tell the listener not to make this available for "public consumption." Keep these on the DL, will ya? Anyway, click here if you want to read more about it, and make sure to catch Gira's solo tour next month.

21 February, 2012


Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (1984)

This album was too weird for me not to post. Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and Mick Karn of Japan team up after leaving their respective bands. Legend goes that the pair couldn't stand each other and recorded the majority of the album apart, racking up expenses way beyond their budget in the process. The result was a commercial failure that sounds/looks like Crispin Glover's surrealist nightmare. It's not the best or worst album you've ever heard, just a really strange one. Surprisingly enough, the duo reconciled their differences and planned on recording new Dalis Car material last year. The album never fully materialized due to Karn's love of smoking that turned into terminal cancer. Anyone see a reoccurring theme here? Anyway, they did manage to record a few tracks, which will be released as an EP later this year.

20 February, 2012

Space Pilot

Esquivel - Other Worlds Other Sounds (1958)

Juan Garcia Esquivel was a Mexican composer and the ultimate Space Age playboy. Latin-tinged blend of lounge and jazz, perfect for getting space nymphs back to your cockpit.

19 February, 2012

Clarence Rook

The Smiths - Sweet And Tender Hooligan (1995)

Smiths night at the Echo today means I'm getting shitty with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Morrissey.

17 February, 2012

Flow My Tears

Tubeway Army - Tubeway Army (1978)

Gary Numan and his Phillip K. Dick reading posse of basement dwellers unleash a classic dozen of synth-tinged post punk tracks, all before the advent of "Cars"and #1 song on the day you were born apps. Get to know Numan's sci-fi writer side with songs about teenage masturbation, male prostitution, and android friendships.


Chelsea Wolfe - A Tribute To Rudimentary Peni (2012)

“Previous Peni incarnations have never sounded like this, though one did actually out peni the Peni!” – Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni after listening to this recording. 
Five covers that sound nothing like the originals. Right click and save as if you want to download.

15 February, 2012

Granville Woods

Mysticum - In the Streams of Inferno (1996)

I didn't forget about Black month! Today we celebrate the history of Mysticum: a Norwegian industrial BM band that got screwed over by the death of Euronymous. Don't be fooled by the homoerotic liner notes, this band is pure fucking evil.

14 February, 2012

Transcendental Epoché

Japancakes - Loveless (2007)

My Valentine's day has consisted of sitting in the library for the past eight hours while I drink an obscene amount of coffee and write a ten page paper on phenomenological reductions. If you celebrate this day of anonymous Christian martyrdom, I hope it has been more eventful than mine.

13 February, 2012

Smoking Kills

Jaco - Jacno (1979)

Geometry obsessed, French synthpop. Jacno was the musical moniker of Denis Quillard, a founding member of the Stinky Toys. He served as a huge fashion influence to Paul Banks, as well as pursuing a successful musical career both as a solo artist and as one half of Elli et Jacno. Quillard took his stage name from the graphic artist who designed the Gauloises logo, a brand of cigarettes in France. In 2009, Quillard died of cancer. Coincidence? I'll let you be the judge.

12 February, 2012

Barbados Kula

Les Baxter - Jungle Jazz (1959)

"For this album, Les has captured the teeming, steaming excitement of South America's jungles in twelve of his original compositions. His vivid orchestrations present the wild, exotic sounds of the primitive forest in striking contrasts to breathtaking jazz interpretations. 
Les Baxter is widely and enthusiastically acclaimed as not only the master, but also the originator of those lustrous sounds that have revolutionized modern popular music."

09 February, 2012

Where Next?

A couple of Silent Servant 12" singles for your late night study sessions.

Hypnosis In The Modern Age (2011)

Negative Fascinations (2009)

Silent Servant is John Mendez (Tropic of Cancer, Sandra Electronics, Sandwell District) a prolific Central American based in Long Beach who cranks out minimal techno tunes worthy of being released by a prestigious UK label. Talk about breaking down cultural barriers. Catch him at the Medusa Lounge tomorrow night; more info here.

08 February, 2012

Elbert Frank Cox

Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron (2012)

I've sat here for ten minutes trying to type up a blurb for this album, but all I've done is wear out my 'delete' key. I'll spare you the superflous use of words like "dissonant" and get straight to the point: if you like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord, you will love this record; if you're not a fan of the aforementioned bands, then don't even bother.

07 February, 2012

Superheroes of the Black History Genre

America dedicates the entire month of February to commemorate the history of all things Black. I'll be posting more BM than usual in honor of the tradition. Here's something for the children.

Watain - Sworn To The Dark (2007)

This record is dedicated to the fearless ones, to the murderers, and to the stalkers of the night; those who walk the path of no return, and we who are sworn to the dark.

06 February, 2012

Big Boss Fenny

Korla Pandit - The Universal Language of Music Vol. 1 (1954)

No exotica party this week, but I was asked to re-up this. Korla Pandit was an enigmatic Indian organist, with a privileged high caste background. His family's wealth afforded him the opportunity to travel all around the world before settling on an education at the University of Chicago. He briefly held a radio job in the Windy City but was soon brought over to Hollywood where he became an overnight success. Pandit played on a variety of talk shows, as well as his own weekly music show (you can see the intro here). Despite releasing over 20 albums, Pandit slipped into obscurity, but adventurous listeners have been captured by his mystical keystrokes and Medusa-like gaze for over five decades.

But here's where the story goes all M. Night Shamalamadingdong: after his death in the late 90s, it was revealed that Korla Pandit was actually John Roland Redd, a black man from St. Louis who passed himself off as an Indian in order to gain fame. (Oh by the way, the man who narrates this record is not Korla Pandit. Pandit was notorious for never speaking. I guess he wasn't very good at impressions.)

Popular Demand, pt. 2

Tropic of Cancer discography by request.

The End Of All Things (2011)

The Sorrow Of Two Blooms (2011)

More brooding electronic music to defy your Long Beach stereotype of white guys in dreadlocks and bad pin-up girl tattoos. The End Of All Things compiles all of TOC's Downwards releases along with some unreleased tracks and tour exclusives. The Sorrow distances the band from their techno roots further with layers of reverberated bass and guitar, spectral vocals, and detached drum machine beats that owe a lot to Martin Hannett. Catch them at Part Time Punks this weekend for a special Valentine's day performance.

03 February, 2012

Verrücktes Mädchen

Der Moderne Man - Unmodern (1982)

Die unterschätzteste Band der BRD.

02 February, 2012

Popular Demand

Re-up of both DVA Damas releases by request.

Self-Titled 10" (2010)

Split with Le Face (2011)

Other than being from Long Beach, this band is all speculation. Five piece group that broke up, got back together, played some shows, turned into a two piece, and disappeared since. There's supposed to be a full length LP coming later this year, but I wouldn't hold my breath. At least I don't have to speculate about how good they sound: synth driven, mid-tempo post punk with daunting female vocals.

01 February, 2012

Si Fallor, Sum

Circle of Ouroborus/Roman Cross Split (2010)

Circle of Ouroborus are slowly replacing Liturgy as the most hated band in all of black metal after a momentous 2011. The Finnish duo's brand of experimental BM has earned them comparisons to the Killers and the "soundtrack to a glittery Lisa Frank backpack." I'm not sure that those are necessarily bad things. On the b-side we have the mysterious Roman Cross. Rumor has it that Dominick Fernow (of Prurient fame) plays drums, but people might have started assuming that when Wes Eisold name dropped the band in an interview a few years back. What I can tell you is that they're New York's answer to the stripped down cassette aesthetic of bands like Akitsa and Bone Awl. And not a fucking bad one at that.