01 February, 2012

Si Fallor, Sum

Circle of Ouroborus/Roman Cross Split (2010)

Circle of Ouroborus are slowly replacing Liturgy as the most hated band in all of black metal after a momentous 2011. The Finnish duo's brand of experimental BM has earned them comparisons to the Killers and the "soundtrack to a glittery Lisa Frank backpack." I'm not sure that those are necessarily bad things. On the b-side we have the mysterious Roman Cross. Rumor has it that Dominick Fernow (of Prurient fame) plays drums, but people might have started assuming that when Wes Eisold name dropped the band in an interview a few years back. What I can tell you is that they're New York's answer to the stripped down cassette aesthetic of bands like Akitsa and Bone Awl. And not a fucking bad one at that.

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  1. i love circle and bone awl and akitsa. and i hate liturgy.