19 March, 2012


King Dude - Love (2011)

Careful, man, there's a beverage here.
On Friday I leave for NYC and would appreciate some recommendations of debased things to do/see/eat/drink/etc there.


  1. go to st. marks street.

  2. King Dude is playing Chaos in Tejas, looking forward to it,thanks. I always here people talk about Manitoba's in NYC. Never been to the bar but hey the owner was in the Dictators,so I'd stop in for a beer on that alone. Heard there's a lot of killer photos on the wall of old New Yawk bands.

  3. If you have any interest in the whole Tzadik or Zorn scene in general The Stone club is a must. Pretty much any night you will find unreal musicians (either scene vets like Ribot or the wildest of New Schoolers) ripping the shit out of every bastardization of jazz/improvised/avant-garde music imaginable. I can't recommend this place enough.

  4. To drink?...Death & Co. On your way back from The Stone.

    Record store? Downtown Music Gallery.

  5. Jerking off in a dark alley with a broken bottle from the dumpster is pretty good at this time of year as well. Also, you definitely should check out this event at the Kitchen if you are around and down: http://www.thekitchen.org/event/302/0/1/