07 March, 2012

Dante & Beatrice

New Order & Joy Division - Ceremony (1980/1981)

"This is the record store day special limited edition release (800 copies), containing both the New Order and Joy Division versions of the same songs: Ceremony and In A Lonely Place. The Joy Division tracks are from rehearsal sessions, and In A Lonely Place has never before been released in this full length version."


  1. Have you seen 24h party people? There's an acoustic version of Blue Monday...and it is so good. And I'm wondering if a full version of it exists somewhere. Do you have an idea?

    Btw, cheers for posting this!

    1. Hey Anon, I don't have certain knowledge about this, but I'm going to guess that there's no full version of the track in the movie. You're going to have to track down John Simm and ask him to record one for you. If it's any consolation, Devine & Statton perform an amazing acoustic cover of NO's Bizzarre Love Triangle.

  2. Hi,amazing blog!
    Could you please reupload the New Order & Joy Division - Ceremony (1980/1981) ?
    The Mediafirelink is dead already. THX in advance!