30 April, 2012

Equidem Verba

John Hassell, Harold Budd, Gavin Bryars - Myths 3, La Nouvelle Sérénité (1987)

This is a reissue of the third volume in this early Sub Rosa compilation series, originally released in 1987. Features long tracks from Jon Hassell (duo with J.A. Deane, from 1985), never released since; Harold Budd (duo with Eugen Bowen, from 1983) in the mood of "The Serpent in Quicksilver" (with a splendid steel guitar); Gavin Bryars (duo with Andrew Thomson, from 1987); an unpublished sketch for two pianos called "Sketch For Sub Rosa" (later published on ECM with a chamber ensemble); and an excerpt from Les Archives Sonores Sub Rosa, a short film without image.

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  1. Hi, any chance of a re-up? My CD copy of this went missing somewhere and I'd love to have it again. Thanks!