18 April, 2012

Pages From A Notebook

Psychic TV - Pagan Day (1984)

As many of you have expressed, PTV is really hit or miss. Their prolific back catalogue is comprised mostly of live albums or conceptual albums with the clear cut "studio albums" ranging few and far between. To make matters more complicated, the band's gone through an array of phases ranging from their unique brand of psychedelic industrial to 90s acid house, and it seems that they're now dabbling with Hawkwind worship. Even worse, there's the elitist problem I encounter of avoiding the string of bad Cleopatra reissues that were taken from PTV bootlegs. But I suppose that going through all that trouble makes finding gems like these that much more rewarding. 
A Pagan Day was originally released as an extremely limited picture disc on December 23, 1984. Only 999 copies were pressed and it could only be purchased between 11AM and 12PM from select distributors on its day of release. Why is any of this relevant? I guess it's just to create a mythology behind the album. Anyway, of the three PTV albums I've posted this one is the most minimal and accessible. The project was a bare bones fleshing out of songs involving only Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Ferguson, and a 4 track tape recorder.

On a related note, Los Angeles plays host to this film this week:

Actually it's only playing at the Nu Art theater in Santa Monica until tomorrow night.


  1. Unrelated to PTV, but I have a request. I know you're a Danzig fan, and I've been on a huuuge Danzig/Samhain kick lately. I don't have November Coming Fire, though, and it's been pretty hard to find on mediafire. Any chance you could upload this when the mood suits you? Would really appreciate it.