28 May, 2012

A Showdown With Satanism

Radio Werewolf - The Lightning And The Sun (1989)

Lots of mystique around this band but little substance. Radio Werewolf began as a deathrock band in the mid 80s. They appeared on the American Gothic compilation and released one LP as a full band. Their early material centers around Nazism and your standard vampire/necrophile occult subject matter, which is what they are best known for. The band split up and core member Nikolas Schreck continued the group with wife Zeena LaVey, daugher of Anton LaVey. The sound changed drastically, as audible on this LP and the two following releases, to dark ambient organ chamber tracks suitable for a Strange Paradise soundtrack. As I've said before, the music isn't all that interesting. The duo were better known for partaking in white power rallies with Boyd Rice or debating with Bob Larson over heinous religious beliefs.


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