07 May, 2012

CRE 101T

Moonshake - First (1991)

Here's another Creation gem in anticipation for tomorrow's Loveless reissues. 
As the title suggests, this is Moonshake's first release and their only contribution to the Creation catalogue. For reasons unknown to me, they'd jump ship to Too Pure soon after; maybe they foresaw Creation's financial troubles, or perhaps the band wanted a label that better suited their soon-to-be avant-garde sound. But for this EP, part time singer/full time guitarist David Callahan mixes his mediocre indie pop background with Margaret Fiedler & John Frennet's love for downtempo trip hop and dub experimentation that would eventually form Laika. The resulting aural substance is one of viscous electronic grooves blended with jagged guitar textures better than most of the post-Loveless shoegazing going on at the time. 

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