02 May, 2012

CRE 135T

Medicine - Aruca (1992)

Not going to lie, I'm nerding out over the My Bloody Valentine reissues to be released next Tuesday even though they won't be available in America. Here's a defunct Creation alumnus whose back catalogue was just reissued a couple of weeks ago. 
Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, Medicine was formed by Brad Laner in 1990. They were one of the few, if not the only, American shoegaze bands on Creation. The group would go on to get signed by Rick Rubin's American Recordings, joining the ranks of top shoegaze acts like Slayer and the Geto Boys. Medicine's commercial peak came in 1994 with a spot on the highly coveted The Crow soundtrack. I'd like to note, however, that the song in that video is not a fair representation of the harsher sound on this EP. Medicine broke up a year later after releasing an unsuccessful album. Ironically enough, Brad Laner briefly revived the group in 2002 with Shannon Lee, Brandon Lee's sister.