08 May, 2012

crelp 060

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (2012 Remaster)

Decade in the making remaster spanning two discs. The first disc is a few decibels louder remaster using the original digital master; in other words, this is a slightly louder version of the 1991 release. The second disc is an analogue remaster using the 1/2 inch analogue tapes. This version is slightly richer with a wider range of sound, though the difference is subtle and most won't notice it.
As with all things MBV, there has to be some controversy attached and it seems that this reissue is no exception. Some people are reporting that Sony botched this release by swapping the disc order, as well as pressing the analogue remaster of "What You Want" with a digital glitch. It's actually audible on the Guardian's stream as well. Kudos to Sony & Shields for fucking this up.


  1. I am determined to notice the difference. Putting my Grados to the test.

    1. Hope they perform better than my pair of Sennheisers.

  2. how would you feel about re upping this aaannnd a bunch of other things?