19 May, 2012

Dr. Robert Vaughan

Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette (1980)

Here's wishing Miss Jones a fabulous birthday. Words do not suffice when trying to describe my intoxication with Grace Jones, but I've been a huge fanboy ever since stumbling upon this LP at a college fundraiser. Warm Leatherette is a definitive record the Jones catalogue, replacing the disco chanteuse image with the foundations for what would transform her into an all-around 80s icon
Backed by Chris Blackwell and Jean-Paul Goude, Jones blends new wave, dub, and soul into an array of covers ranging from the Normal to the Marvelettes. Her distinct take makes the songs her own in a way that nearly obsoletes the originals. An absolute must have for those of you who have yet to be attuned to this state of Grace.

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