21 May, 2012


Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht (1972)

Musik ist ästhetisierte Frequenz.

A superb spiritual experience utilising soaring cathedral organ as the main texture. Imagine huge stained glass windows, vast marble pillars and cavenous ceilings - spend a night in and nail yourself to the cross. Heavy going at times but once you get truly involved it takes over your entire senses. Obvious trademark Klaus Schulze as nobody drifts across those two chords so emotionally and methodically. When Klaus decides to go quiet mist drifts over you in entire washes! Ghosts start to appear before your very eyes, however all is serene and non-threatening. A cosmic classic.


  1. That write up has sold me, it probably helps I went to Catholic School as well, ha ha.Looking forward to hearing this for the first time!!!!