11 May, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Theater

Tank Girl: Original Soundtrack from the United Artists Film (1995)

Remember when KTLA would play amazing movies during the temporal void known as 2AM Saturday night/Sunday morning? With the exception of Kevin Costner nights, my teenage insomniac counterpart was able to get acquainted with the finest of Blockbuster dollar bin fodder. And they just so happened to have crucial tunes on their soundtracks.
Loosely based on the comic of the same name, Tank Girl (starring quintessential 90s babe Lori Petty) portrays the misadventures of Rebecca Buck as she wanders the arid deserts of a not-too-distant dystopian future. With trusty tank and mutant kangaroo boyfriend at her side, Tank Girl must uncover the secrets of a mythical race known as the Rippers in order to stop an evil corporation from taking control of Earth's dwindling water supply. All-star cast also includes: Naomi Watts, Ice-T, Iggy Pop.
Enough on the film, this soundtrack fulfills almost every musical need imaginable: pseudo-industrial trip hop (Björk/Portishead), female fronted grunge (L7/Hole), alternative KROQ staples (Bush/the Magnificent Bastards), senior prom ballads (Belly/Veruca Salt), irrelevant 80s acts trying to recreate their image (Devo/Joan Jett), and the ethnic odds&ends (Stomp/Ice-T). My only gripe is that I can't acquire a physical copy of this collection completing gem because it was never issued on vinyl.


  1. Any chance of re-upping this? Great blog btw!