04 May, 2012


Swans - Love Of Life (1992)

If you're not a fan of MBV you can look forward to the probable release of Swans' newest effort next week. This is a V0 rip of the long gone CD from my personal collection. I'm always terrible at describing albums, especially the ones I really like. Love Of Live has a hidden earth dwelling within it, one that I try to uncover with each listen. Sometimes it presents itself as a glimmering gem permeated with psychedelic light backed by Gira's baritone hum; other times it's an immeasurably heavy boulder submerging in an ocean of Jarboe's shrill shrieks. Regardless of how I experience its phenomena, Love Of Live is always a disturbingly beautiful listen.As for what you can expect on the new album, there's a bunch of demo tracks with explanations for you to sample here.


  1. ok - gaspar von trier

    1. okay que, puto? - guillermo jodorowsky