18 June, 2012


Chris & Cosey - Songs Of Love & Lust (1984)

Chris & Cosey's 3rd album proper 'Songs Of Love & Lust' contained two seminal moments in 'Driving Blind' and the timeless electronic thrill of 'Walking Through Heaven', both of which have cast a shadow of influence and inspiration on an entire generation of electronic artists and producers. Both tracks became a staple of Goth and New Wave playlists, adopted as anthems as far afield as the gay clubs of Chicago, New York and Berlin and fairly defining the possibilities of new digital equipment for many. Deeper into the set we find chilling nursery pop like 'Lament' featuring an unnervingly plaintive Cosey performance, next to the caterwauling cod-oriental synths of 'Gardens Of The Pure' the vividly cinematic 'Raining Tears of Blood' and the cyber-sexual frisson of 'Tantalize'

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