31 July, 2012

Michael Voslenski

Front 242 - No Comment (1984)

Electronic body music composed and produced on eight tracks by Front 242.

30 July, 2012

Sandusky's Basement

A Number Of Names - Skitso / Sharevari (1982)

I don't post a lot of music like this but I felt compelled to share this amazing single with you. 
Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley make up "A Number of Names." Their track "Sharevari" was (supposedly) the first techno track to be released out of Detroit in early 1981. The song's title derives from an intentional misspelling of Charivari, a collective of young local promoters who were at the time making and flashing big bucks throwing parties in Detroit.

27 July, 2012

Von zwei Quadraten

Kraftwerk - Die Mensch-Maschine (1978)

Kraftwerk kreierten mit dieser Platte ein perfektes Stück Popmusik, die es vorher in dieser Form einfach noch nicht gab. Besonders beeindruckt(e) mich an der Musik die Perfektion der Umsetzung, mit den für die damalige Zeit verhältnismäßig steinzeitlichen elektronischen Instrumenten. Jeder der sechs Titel ist extrem rythmus-betont, klar strukturiert und auf seine Weise eingängig, ohne sich jedoch anzubiedern. Man darf aber gar nicht so viel über diese Platte schreiben, man muss sie einfach hören.

26 July, 2012

Eulogies, Loathings, Phobias, etc.

Maurizio Bianchi - Symphony For A Genocide (1981)

"The moral of this work: the past punishment is the inevitable blindness of the present."

25 July, 2012

Not On Label

Chelsea Wolfe - Tour 2009

By now you've probably heard about Chelsea Wolfe's upcoming acoustic album consisting of re-worked abandoned tracks. That means I can finally post her really old material without feeling too guilty. Here's a CD-R I picked up three years ago at a solo show featuring an array of CW material ranging from her debut Mistake In Parting to the shelved Soundtrack VHS/Gold album.

23 July, 2012

'Til Dawn or 'Til We Fell Down

A Split Second - Ballistic Statues (1987)

AS-S was a Belgian duo credited with inadvertently starting the Belgian New Beat scene after a DJ played the single "Flesh" at 33 RPM. This is their debut album: an EBM gem packed full of dance club classics.

21 July, 2012

A Noi É Mancata Soltanto La Fortuna Non Il Coraggio

Rome - Nera (2006)

If you're in Los Angeles, don't miss Rome tonight.

19 July, 2012


German Oak - German Oak (1972)

Originally released in 1972, it must be noted for peculiar reasons the added bonus tracks on this reissue, “Swastika Rising”, “The Third Reich” and “Shadows Of War” precede the first issue material of “Raid Over Düsseldorf” and “1945 - Out of the Ashes” to name a couple. The tagged-on additions naturally compliment, however – deviating not from the WWII themed funk centered lengthy 15+ minutes acid jams. Though its intrigue lies not only in its underground appeal – quite literally recorded in an air-raid bunker, but the rather overbearing ferociousness of its fuzzed out proto-industrial sound, impressing by either intention or accident a relic amidst its own potent imagery.

17 July, 2012

Rudolf Heß

Joy Division - An Ideal For Living (1978)

For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

16 July, 2012

Easy Action Teen Love

Drunks With Guns - Alter Human Industrial Fetishisms (1987)

Meet my latest obsession: Drunks With Guns, a St. Louis group of zombie lepers bent on aggravating your Monday afternoon weekend withdrawals. No Trend meets PiL and is slowed down to the churning of Alice Cooper in a lard bucket on this anti-hardcore 7".

14 July, 2012

Autoritratto in veste di Pittura

Psychic TV - Allegory And Self (1988)

Beginning with "Godstar," Psychic TV's tribute to Brian Jones complete with Stonesy guitar licks, Allegory and Self balances surprisingly straight-ahead alternative pop with more experimental tracks using tape cut-ups or extended synthesizer freeforms. P-Orridge makes for quite an ambitious frontman, crooning like Love and Rockets' Daniel Ash on "We Kiss" and producing a series of guttural roars for "Southern Comfort." "She Was Surprised" even bears the first fruits of Psychic TV's fixation with sampladelic acid-house. It may not be characteristic Psychic TV (if such an animal exists), but Allegory and Self may well be the best introduction for beginners.

13 July, 2012

Gioachino Rossini

The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always (1985)

Black cats, broken mirrors, hockey masks in lakes, etc.

11 July, 2012

Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Leben

Rome - Die Æsthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit (2011)

Luxembourg based martial industrial/neofolk group Rome will be playing four California shows next weekend; tour dates available here. In anticipation of what I hope will be a great live performance, here is their latest album: an effort spanning three discs that is slightly reminiscent of the brilliant Nera.

09 July, 2012

Vannevar Bush

Paul Chambers - Stations / Absorptions (1978-1983)

Last year Anna Logue Records released this comprehensive LP+CD set by UK minimal synth pioneer Paul Chambers. The LP “Stations” comprises 12 tracks including the majority of his rare vocal tracks (thus also including “Steering Solo” and “Take A Ticket”), recorded between 1979 and 1983.The CD “Absorptions” comprises instrumental tracks recorded between 1978 and 1981.

05 July, 2012

Roadside Picnic

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Stalker (1995)

The dark ambient icons Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord join forces here to introduce us to the film Stalker, a 1979 sci-fi classic. It captures the mood of Tarkovsky's film perfectly and contains several sound snippets from it (most clearly heard on Track 3), cleverly blended into the murky soundscapes of Stalker. The album reveals more details with each respective listen. Must-have for every ambient fan.

03 July, 2012


Wreck And Reference - No Youth (2012)

The cacophonous W&R are bringing their genre-bending aural assault to a west coast town near you. Check out the album and tour dates, which begin today, through the link above.