01 August, 2012


Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique (1978)

This week ends in the year anniversary of Conrad Schnitzler's death, so I will be posting some of his music in observance. 
To black metal basement dwellers, Schnitzler is known as the guy who did the intro to Mayhem's Deathcrush EP; but to fanboys like me, he is seen as one of the crucial figures in the German electronic music scene. Schnitzler began his musical endeavors through a brief stint with Tangerine Dream before teaming up with Moebius & Roedelius to form Kluster. The trio recorded and released three albums before Schnitzler again left, this time to pursue his own work under his own name. Kluster continued with just Roedelius and Moebius under the name Cluster. Following his departure from Kluster, Schnitzler would go on to release hundreds of albums, cassettes, and CDs, both on his own, and on various labels around the world.

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