05 September, 2012

Atemlos Durch Die Nacht

Moebius - Blue Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1986)

Dieter fuckin' Moebius, one third of the holy trinity (alongside Schnitzler and Roedelius), will be gracing us with his immaculate presence at the Echoplex tomorrow night.
Blue Moon is Moebius' second and final solo (this one being the first) album released through Sky Records, and serves as the soundtrack for an obscure German film of the same name. This is the only instance of Moebius writing a film score and as such it's defined by certain parameters which mark it from the rest of his work. The eleven tracks were created to fit the timing of the scenes, and are generally shorter, measured, rhythmic miniatures of pure synth music.


  1. Thanks for great posts!

    Do you maybe have casettes of Years on Earth - "Years On Earth" (1981) and "Worlds Apaart"(1984)?

    1. You're welcome.

      I have the second tape and will upload it soon.

  2. Wow! Great! Thanks!