17 September, 2012

Laserdiscs & Holocassettes

Various Artists - First Relation (1983)

This is a compilation consisting of Italian synth bands from the year 2056. Manmask, a time travelling salesman tired of breaking his ass for the Intergalactic Music Federation, infiltrates an IMF controlled secret location. There he discovers the contents of this compilation alongside the mummified bodies of Brian Eno and Joe Strummer, whose vital juices are being used as fuel by the central computer that powers the IMF. Unfortunately for Manmask, his spaceship was shot down by IMF ships before he could make it to Earth, but not before he sent this compilation back to the year 1983. There it was received by Vittore Baroni and pressed onto vinyl with hopes of spreading Manmask's crucial message: Terrestrial music has no future!

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