26 September, 2012

Unity in Diversity

Silent Servant - Negative Fascination (2012)

Los Angeles' love for pseudo-dark electronic music comes to an all time high this weekend with BACK to BACK live performances from some of the genre's leading artists. It looks as if I picked the wrong year to purge myself of my Kompakt and Fabric catalogue.
Anyway, here's new material from a man who will be at both of those aforementioned shows. Silent Servant - former Tropic Of Cancer and Sandwell District producer, Juan Mendez - makes his stunning album debut with the poised fusion of epic techno, primitive post punk, and industrial electronics on 'Negative Fascination' for Dominick "Prurient/Vatican Shadow" Fernow's Hospital Productions. Now nine months since he stopped recording with Sandwell District, Mendez has explored his divergent yet compatible tastes to their fullest, recognising and reconciling their congruent rhythms, atmospheres and intentions with alchemical ability


  1. This is great. More Detroit dancey than Tropic of Cancer, which is obviously straight up coldwave, but the production is fantastic, which was the standout aspect of the Sandwell District record. I've been loving Vatican Shadow lately. I guess Dom's back at it again.

  2. was just lamenting the apparent out-of-stockness of the vinyl at Hospital. this will tide me over til the inevitably reissue. thanks!