17 October, 2012

Joseph Fourier

Eleh - Homage To The Pointed Waveforms (2012)

"Homage To The Pointed Waveforms" is the final release in a series dedicated to specific sound waves. Following "Homage To The Square Wave" and "Homage To The Sine Wave", "Homage To The Pointed Waveforms" explores composition with triangle and sawtooth waves through studies of a dense modular system. Variations were performed live in Barcelona, Brussels and Madrid during spring 2011 but this LP is the next step. 
Side A contains a version of the piece that was conceived for the shows, which evolved during the three performances as it was continually reworked. Mixed with travel memories, the two tracks on side B are reflections on the arrangement.


  1. Hey man can you fix the link on this one please? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, it's been fixed.

  2. Fabulous. Thank you!