07 October, 2012

Left-Hand Path

Cold Cave - A Little Death To Laugh (2012)

Welcome back, Mr. Eisold.


  1. i don't know if welcome back is the right way to put it. fershure this 7" is better than the last two or three things they've put out, but fernow not being in the band is a fucking bummer, & him being replaced by some dude from afi is the worst. also, have you heard this yet? http://www.mediafire.com/?a6i7i4a94uobw3s

    1. Well, Fernow didn't do much except play the songs that Wes wrote. I suspect the same thing will be the case with the new line-up.

  2. i was hoping that cold cave getting bigger would encourage fernow to get on the road more here in the states with his projects. i would love to see vs live.