17 October, 2012

x(x,t) = A[sin(wt- kx) + sin(wt- kx+fo)]

Eleh - Homage To The Sine Wave (2009)

Homage to the Sine Wave is the second release in the sound wave series following 2008’s sold-out LP, Homage to the Square Wave. In a fashion similar to Square Wave, the elemental approach to construction of the pieces on Sine Wave is influenced by Josef Albers, the visual artist best known for his color studies embodied in paintings of geometric abstraction. 
Both faces feature sidelong compositions at just over 20 minutes each. Side A holds “Together We Are One,” a piece that begins floating in the ether but gently lands on a field of rhythmic bass pulses before dipping below the horizon. “Beneath the Silver Sun” on the B-side is a meditation on the night with a consistent delivery and subtle transformation that is dually tranquil and exhilarating. Volume reveals detail.

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