14 November, 2012

El Camino Real

Depeche Mode - 101 (1989)

"Memories still vivid in my mind. June 1988. A gloomy, hot, humid night..perfect setting for a DM concert. We get the pleasure of other acts: Wire, Thomas Dolby,OMD..they finish..but we want the MODE. and around 7;30pm...the crowd awaiting for the quartet to take the stage start getting impatient. What happens? The biggest FOOD FIGHT in concert history errupts. Hot dogs, buns, shoes and an assortment of snack bar goodies flying through the air. It subsides and.. Whats that? The lights are dimmed and PIMPF plays in the air. Ther intro finishes..then with 2 loud bangs.. a recognizable bass is heard.. 'Behind the Wheel' starts this night of black celebration. Then as the song plays we hear Dave with the first verse. He sings but where is he? We can't see the band as they are behind a massive curtain. Then swiftly the curtain drops! There they were. DM. Right in front of our waiting eyeballs. The 65000+, black clad, new wave crowd goes nuts. We lost it. Couple of the most most memorable highlights were when they performed 'Blaspehmous Rumours'. Anyone that was also there remembers. During the performance a dark clowd formed above the Rose Bowl, then a loud bang of thunder, and it rained on that hot June night..heres the eerie part..only for that song! Freaked the hell out of our crowd man. Then when they performed 'Never Let me Down", Dave had all 65000 pairs of arms moving side to side. I cant really describe what it was like. The energy and the vibe was outrageous. Dave was feeding of fthe crowd. At one point he held his face and started crying. So much emotion for the band and us. Never again have I expereinced such a concert. In my mind and many others..one of the best in concert history. DM FOREVER."


  1. I had a friend in the 8th grade named Billy that was a huge Depeche Mode fan...I couldn't rap my brain around the music, after all, I was a heavy metal kid. What's this synthesizer shit? No guitars what the hell. Anyways my friend Billy and I were hanging out one day and this bigger kid kept fucking with him,pushing him around and what not. Billy told the kid he didn't want to fight and turned around but instead of walking away Billy turned again oh so quickly and hit the kid so hard in the nose,the kid fell to the ground,bloodied. What a great moment!!!! Depeche Mode reminds me of my 8th grade buddy Billy Lichte(I wonder what he's up to these days????)I. I get Dm a little more some 25 years later.

    1. Better late than never! Maybe you and Billy can catch up at the DM world tour next year.

    2. 'i'm taking a ride with my best friend...'

  2. Can you please fix the download link