15 November, 2012

The First Tycoon of Teen

NON/Boyd Rice - Back To Mono (2012)

Ten year in the making follow up "album" to Children of the Black Sun (yes, that is a Nazi allusion). Notice that the word album is in quotes because if we take a closer look at the track listing, we'll notice that this is actually a collection of rehashed material with a few fresh things sprinkled in. There are five new studio tracks (through one is a filler reprise); the rest of the songs are split between previously available recordings, live tracks, and a poor cover of "Warm Leatherette." Furthermore, everything here was recorded by 2010, so why the big wait? The months of hype, the extensive European tour, and the mention of Wes Eisold left me under the impression that we would be presented with something of substance. Instead, we are left with another nail for the cash-grab coffin. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if Boyd and GP-O teamed up to publish a book of their Facebook/Twitter flame wars. Let's just hope that the upcoming XT-G record doesn't disappoint.

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  1. i'm glad to see an opinion to this similar to mine.
    fire shall come?warm leatherette again?back to mono/back to mono live?

    come on!!