30 June, 2012

The Propagation of the Race

Vegas Martyrs - The Female Mind (2007)

"Insanely noisy fare here from the extremely depraved-sounding Vegas Martys, a group comprising Joe Potts, Richard Dunn and the guitar talents of Dominick Fernow, a man better known as the mildly scary power electronics maniac, Prurient. This LP pretty much takes in the narrowest range of sonic possibilities imaginable, with each track coated in a homogenising layer of absolute filth. Somewhere under there are instruments and vocals."

25 June, 2012

Bear Family

Various Artists - Surfin' Germany

German renditions of 13 surf classics just in time for summer.

24 June, 2012

ME to LA

Liars - Non Album Tracks (2002 - 2012)

Hello patrons, I apologize for the lack of updates lately but it's been a rough month. In an attempt to make up for my negligence I offer you one of the more requested re-ups from the old blog. 

The material included in the two links above includes all singles, EPs, splits (Liars tracks only), and compilation appearances except: remix tracks, The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack single since it's basically a remix EP, the b-side to the Leopard On My Right 7", the "Untitled" track from WTUL Songs From The Basement Volume Four. If anyone has those last two tracks I'd be very appreciative if you could somehow send them to me.

20 June, 2012

120 Dalmations In Sodom

Coil - Love's Secret Domain (1991)

18 June, 2012


Chris & Cosey - Songs Of Love & Lust (1984)

Chris & Cosey's 3rd album proper 'Songs Of Love & Lust' contained two seminal moments in 'Driving Blind' and the timeless electronic thrill of 'Walking Through Heaven', both of which have cast a shadow of influence and inspiration on an entire generation of electronic artists and producers. Both tracks became a staple of Goth and New Wave playlists, adopted as anthems as far afield as the gay clubs of Chicago, New York and Berlin and fairly defining the possibilities of new digital equipment for many. Deeper into the set we find chilling nursery pop like 'Lament' featuring an unnervingly plaintive Cosey performance, next to the caterwauling cod-oriental synths of 'Gardens Of The Pure' the vividly cinematic 'Raining Tears of Blood' and the cyber-sexual frisson of 'Tantalize'

15 June, 2012

Meister Und Margeritha

Danzig - Danzig III: How The Gods Kill (1992)

It's a dirty black summer here in Los Angeles.

14 June, 2012

White Light Killer

Bodychoke - Cold River Songs (1998)

Feels like I'm trapped under a pile of leprous prostitutes. Don't sleep on this record.

12 June, 2012

Where The Meat Fits

Central Unit - Loving Machinery (1982)

"After the first live appareances as opening act to bands like Spandau Ballet and Monochrome Set in their Italian tours, Central Unit published in March 1982, the 12’’ EP “Loving Machinery” with 4 tracks, including a cover of “What Use?” from Tuxedomoon. The EP first entered Belgian and German charts with the single "Saturday Nite", thanks to its skeletal electronic beats and minimal synth atmospheres, combined with mechanical basslines and relentless bass guitar meanderings, with slothy saxophone murmurs peeping out here and there."

10 June, 2012

In The Grip Of A Passion

Prurient - And Still, Wanting (2008)
As the memory alone acquaints us with the continuance and extent of this succession of perceptions, 'tis to be considered, upon that account chiefly, as the source of personal identity. Had we no memory, we should never have any notion of causation, nor consequently of that chain of causes and effects which constitute our self or person. But having once acquired this notion of causation from the memory, we can extend the same chain of causes, and consequently the identity of our persons, beyond our memory, and can comprehend times and circumstances and actions which we have entirely forgot, but suppose in general to have existed.

07 June, 2012

Crooked Oar

Natural Snow Buildings - Monsters/Depths (2012)

"Those froggies are on the tip"

05 June, 2012


T.E.F. / Prurient / Richard Ramirez ‎– Magnified Healing (2001)

02 June, 2012

Jang Seong-Geon

폐허 ‎– 맞불놀이 (2011)

Ever wonder what the inside of a haunted kimchi jar sounds like? Find out with 폐허 (Pyha): one band BM band from South Korea, whose previous album, The Haunted House, is probably the creepiest thing ever (allegedly) recorded by a 14 year old.

01 June, 2012