29 September, 2012

Annuario Pontificio

Christian Cosmos - Enthronement By God As The First-Born Of The Dead (2011)

Dominik Fernow and Chris Lapke hit the mark dead on with their Christian Cosmos collusion; a shocking fusion of the finest elements from their respective efforts as Prurient, Vatican Shadow, and Alberich. Essentially it's all noisier than the Vatican Shadow releases, but more synth-heavy than the Alberich sound, arriving at a beautifully imperfect junction of the two.

27 September, 2012


Throbbing Gristle - TG24 - 1 Hour Sample

"On December 23rd 2002 Throbbing Gristle release 'TG24', a CD issue of the '24 hours of Throbbing Gristle' cassette box set, originally released in 1979. This set is 24 live CDs, all 60 minutes in length. The hand finished box will also include a sealed file containing a myriad of new and unique artefacts and information provided by all four members of Throbbing Gristle. This CD is a 1 hour sample taken from the various shows featured in the box set."

26 September, 2012

Unity in Diversity

Silent Servant - Negative Fascination (2012)

Los Angeles' love for pseudo-dark electronic music comes to an all time high this weekend with BACK to BACK live performances from some of the genre's leading artists. It looks as if I picked the wrong year to purge myself of my Kompakt and Fabric catalogue.
Anyway, here's new material from a man who will be at both of those aforementioned shows. Silent Servant - former Tropic Of Cancer and Sandwell District producer, Juan Mendez - makes his stunning album debut with the poised fusion of epic techno, primitive post punk, and industrial electronics on 'Negative Fascination' for Dominick "Prurient/Vatican Shadow" Fernow's Hospital Productions. Now nine months since he stopped recording with Sandwell District, Mendez has explored his divergent yet compatible tastes to their fullest, recognising and reconciling their congruent rhythms, atmospheres and intentions with alchemical ability

How to Live in Style: Young Colour Guide to Modern Decoration

Pulp - Razzmatazz (1993)

This was Pulp's final single before signing with Island and embarking on the road to international superstardom. "Razzmatazz" is pop irony at its best with its overtones of malevolent incest and teenage pregnancy. The remaning three tracks are a chronological retelling of Susan's shenanigans. From her pre-pubescence to her end as an unfaithful spouse, the whole thing is a combination of trainer bras, the smell of rabbits and hidden love bites in one unholy mess of hormones on red alert.

24 September, 2012

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Eliane Radigue ‎– Transamorem - Transmortem (1973)

Preceding the greatest achievement.
Preceding the greatest detachment.

Outer edge of the frontier space of the unconscious.
Waves in tune, "the consonant things are vibrating
together." Where is the changing point? Within the
inner field of perception, or the external reality of
something on the way to becoming.

Then, time is no longer an obstacle, but eh means
which permit the realisation of the possible.

This series of works represents a cycle of researches with electronic sounds through Moog, Buchla, and Arp synthesizers.

22 September, 2012

Samantha Gailey

Psychic TV - Roman P (1984)

In 1977, Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. The a-side of this 7" is dedicated to Roman's sexual endeavors. Useless trivia of the day: the song was used in a mid-90s Volkswagen commercial.
The B-side, credited to Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth and entitled "Neurology," contains a message from Mr. Sebastian, a spokesman of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, as well as collaged speeches by Charles Manson and Jim Jones which run simultaneously in different stereo channels.

20 September, 2012


Nurse With Wound - Thunder Perfect Mind (1992)

NWW is Steven Stapleton with the aid of a who's who list of industrial/neofolk marquis names including (but not limited to) David Tibet, Rose McDowall, and John Balance. You probably recognize the album title since it shared with Current 93's sister album, however the two are musically unrelated.
TPM is split into two tracks. The first being "Cold": a 23 minutes cacophony consisting of a choppy looped riff with loads of found sounds spliced in as effects. The b-side's "Colder Still" begins thunderous and moves through various chilly and captivating moments throughout the duration, much like a surrealistic acid-trip influenced horror film score.

19 September, 2012


Chris & Cosey - Exotika (1987)

Today we have tremendously diverse kinds of music. This album leads you into the world of Exotik music. Each track pulsates with the vigour of the uninhibited, fulfilling the esoteric and titillating the uninitiated. A stimulating musical adventure. 


Inspired Martin Denny and Les Baxter.

17 September, 2012

Laserdiscs & Holocassettes

Various Artists - First Relation (1983)

This is a compilation consisting of Italian synth bands from the year 2056. Manmask, a time travelling salesman tired of breaking his ass for the Intergalactic Music Federation, infiltrates an IMF controlled secret location. There he discovers the contents of this compilation alongside the mummified bodies of Brian Eno and Joe Strummer, whose vital juices are being used as fuel by the central computer that powers the IMF. Unfortunately for Manmask, his spaceship was shot down by IMF ships before he could make it to Earth, but not before he sent this compilation back to the year 1983. There it was received by Vittore Baroni and pressed onto vinyl with hopes of spreading Manmask's crucial message: Terrestrial music has no future!

16 September, 2012

Irian Jaya

German Army - Papua Mass (2011)

German Army is Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Submissions, Bipolar Bear) and Greg Toumassian concocting an experiment in ambient and atmospheric jungle minmal music. The duo will be playing next month at Complex in Glendale alongside the amazing YOUTH CODE
YC is Los Angeles' newest anti-cop EBM group packing their BPM intensive tracks with more throbbing muscle and pelvic-tingling hate than a Tom of Finland book. Check them out below:

14 September, 2012

Jean-Jacques Gershon

Perrey & Kingsley - Kaleidoscopic Vibrations: Spotlight on the Moog (1967)

Kaleidoscopic Vibrations is a premier recording utilizing electronic music in the poular field. The main electronic instrument used is the Moog synthesizer whose facilities are capable of producing any combination of sounds within the range - and indeed, the credibility - of the human ear. The other instrument employed is the Jenny Ondioline, an electric keyboard instrument resembling a tiny parlor organ.

13 September, 2012

Vigilius Haufniensis

:Of The Wand & The Moon: - Sonnenheim (2005)

"There is no thing in nature created or born that does not reveal its inner form outwardly as well, for the internal always works towards revelation. Thus in the signature there lies great understanding in which man not only comes to know himself, but may also learn to recognize the essence of all beings."

12 September, 2012

Salon Kitty

Throbbing Gristle - United/Zyklon B Zombie (1978)

This is TG's debut single released through their very own Industrial Records. The two tracks show the group's humorous side through parodies of new wave and punk music.

11 September, 2012


Hermann Kopp - Mondo Carnale - Best Of 1981 - 1989

Haunting sounds for extreme visions

Random: A big thanks to Lurker's Path for the plug.


Swans - Greed (1986)

05 September, 2012

Atemlos Durch Die Nacht

Moebius - Blue Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1986)

Dieter fuckin' Moebius, one third of the holy trinity (alongside Schnitzler and Roedelius), will be gracing us with his immaculate presence at the Echoplex tomorrow night.
Blue Moon is Moebius' second and final solo (this one being the first) album released through Sky Records, and serves as the soundtrack for an obscure German film of the same name. This is the only instance of Moebius writing a film score and as such it's defined by certain parameters which mark it from the rest of his work. The eleven tracks were created to fit the timing of the scenes, and are generally shorter, measured, rhythmic miniatures of pure synth music.