25 January, 2013

De Imitatione Christi

Gloria Mundi - Glory Of The World (1978)

The Word Is Out (1979)

Hello gentle readers, today I'd like to introduce you to Eddie Maelov and Sunshine Patterson. The UK native multilingual pair were responsible for some interesting music in the late 70s/early 80s.
First up we have Gloria Mundi, a group that Mick Mercer has described as the first goth band. The "Glory Of The World" 7" does have some gothy elements (ominous organ, prominent bass, spooky cover art), but to say that they were goth is a poor representation of the group's overall catalogue. The b-side " Nothing To Say" is a saxophone charged uptempo punk track with vaguely suicidal lyrics.
The Word Is Out was the group's second, and last, LP. It's quite a fragmented effort that starts off with saxophone oriented punk songs, and transitions to free jazz/almost krautrock jam sessions. The last few songs feature more synthesizer, foreshadowing the move to the pair's next musical venture.

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