30 January, 2013

RSD-10 Pioneer

Teenage Depression - Skank Or Die (1984)

Salutations to you Yahoo scumbags. Lots of commotion here at TER, as we're less than two weeks away from the release of Pissed Jean's new LP. Those not in the know need only listen to the masterful King Of Jeans to understand why PJ is one of my favorite bands. They evoke all the monotonous fun and excitement of male pattern baldness and the shrinking waist of your grease soaked pajama bottoms.
In anticipation of Honeys, I'll be posting some material that has influenced Pissed Jeans over their career. The first of these is a New Jersey group by the name of Teenage Depression, whom PJ indirectly reference on their last album's opener. TD is right up my alley: smarmy punks who were too smart for their own good (at least one of the members went to Brown), and harbored a deep hatred of Henry Rollins. Other subjects of their ridicule include frat boys, anarchists, communists, Reagan, and the Clash. They did, however, have an inexplicable obsession with a female drummer named Kate, whom I assume to be Kate Schellenbach of Beastie Boys fame.

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