12 April, 2013

Death & The Dreamer

Current 93 - Imperium (1987)

Suffering - evil in the world: that disturbs you profoundly because you have not understood that this was the suffering of Christ radiating everywhere. The suffering he took upon himself in order to create the world, so that you might have souls. And as soon as you have to bear the smallest particle of that suffering, you howl.
And despair, Christ's despair, when he believed that God had forsaken him. He had made himself a man to that point, to that lowest point that he had to believe himself forsaken of the Father: for in that belief is all sin. So he cried: Why? and he died. Of course. What would it have mattered to him to die and to suffer knowing all the time that he was God? That was too easy. That would have not been Creation: he had to take on all sin and all suffering, and descend so low as to be cut off from the Father altogether - and yet in that state to say: Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit. He had to withdraw entirely from his godhead to create the world, he had to give himself up, in order to create sinners, evil, men, the world. Otherwise he would have remained God, God only - there would have been no world, no souls, no men.
All the despair of mankind, from end to end of the ages, what is it ever but the re-echoing down the courses of time of this despair of Jesus. Man also, did he always know, that God the Father is there, what merit would man have in his work, in his suffering? How would man prove to God hat he loves Him? It would be merely man's interest to love God, were man sure that God exists. One can only love truly a God whom one does not know for sure to exist. One can love truly only the God that does not exist.

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