12 May, 2013

Thames in the Ancient Borough of Southwark

Coil - Astral Disaster (2000)

"I feel like this at times. Reticent and resentful and then, in turn, scared and angry. Overpowered by what visions I have to endure. I've had visions ever since I was a child. They used to overwhelm me so much I used to fight against them. I had no context for them. Now I use them and accept them. Or try to."


  1. You just made my day :)

  2. thank you very much. been waiting for some coil :)

  3. My best friend John Contreras (who has played cello for C93, Baby Dee, Nurse With Wound etc) bought this wonderful piece of artwork from Stephen Stapleton...mind you the feet and hands are from a real chicken and it's in a wood box.

    1. Very Delicious! In 2007 I went to lovely Ossian Brown and Stephen Throwers flat in London after David Tibet's Donau Fest and they showed me the artwork for Love's Secret Domain by Stapleton which was amazing...another wooden box w/ doors like a triptych. I also remember it being for sale but not very cheap!