04 September, 2013

Per Ardua Ad Fossam

Church Of Raism - Church Of Raism (1989)

One of the stranger Creation LPs; featuring members of Strawberry Switchblade, Primal Scream, and Felt.
The Church Of Raism has come to perpetuate the mulatto trident and disclose a runic underground poised in pincers, to exorcise the senescent sack, to usurp the catamenial diocese and vandalise the hidebound human trough whilst extolling pansexual necrolatory, to hang daylight by the neck at a horror junction, to canonise nausea while dredging the harbours of uttermost repulsion for the myriapod, love; to instigate the subterranean tectonics of irrationality, to commute burning rags, to fellate Death in a cove of nectarines, to exorcise all piety with the brothel fangs of the soulslasher while driving lupine skewers into mythos, to deliver pink venus from volition, to decorate the carnifex with primal dogstars, to masturbate wolves and vindicate the ascendence of the sacred psychopath.

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