29 December, 2014

Olive Byrne

Body of Light- Limits of Reason (2014)

Vergeltungswaffen 2

Believer/Law - Matters of Life and Death (2014)

20 December, 2014

Larry Wayne Mahoney

Drunkdriver - Drunkdriver (2010)

Sieg Hell

Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor (2009)

PESTE NOIRE est un groupe sataniste nationaliste française, pas allemand. PN rejette toute affiliation à l'impérialisme nazi, ennemi en essence de la culture française pour laquelle nous résistons. Puisse cela être un jour compris...

19 December, 2014

Picea mariana

Death Ambient - Drunken Forest (2007)

Keloid Tumor

Maurizio Bianchi - [Aktivitat] (1983)


The Durutti Column - The Return Of The Durutti Column (1980)

30 September, 2014

San Juan

Puerto Rico Flowers - 7 (2011)

19 September, 2014

17 September, 2014

11 September, 2014

Just like they've never been gone

Ramleh - Grudge For Life (1989)

Gary Mundy makes a Suicide record.

07 September, 2014

A Tale of a Tub

Windy Weber - I Hate People (2008)

One half of Windy & Carl, twice as good.

01 September, 2014


Thomas Dinger - Für Mich (1982)


Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist (1980)

25 August, 2014

All Human Is Error

Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever (1980)

21 August, 2014

19 August, 2014

EMS Vocoder 1000

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook (1984)

The human voices heard on this album were created from recordings of speech and song. The original recordings were made in the following languages: Aboroginal, Afghan, Arabic, Balinese, Buhndi, Chad, Chinese, English, Eskimo, French, Gabonese, German, Hungarian, Indian, Japanese, Madagascan, Malayan, Pigmy, Quechua, Russian, Sioux, Spanish, Swedish, Tibetan, Turkish. They were edited and transformed using different electronic devices. 
First edition.

18 August, 2014


Werkraum  - Unsere Feuer Brennen! (2004)

16 August, 2014

Mõniste vald

Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford - Autumn Calls (1998)

07 August, 2014

Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– Dedicated To J. Goebbels (1983)

29 July, 2014


Puce Mary - Piss Flowers (2010)

20 July, 2014

Follow the Black Valley Trail of Death, Into the Beautiful Sunshine...

Coil - Horse Rotorvator (1986)

On the Eve of the Apocalypse -
The Four Horsemen betray their steeds - slitting
Open the animal throats - And in doing so release
The Second Great Deluge - Horsegore - (The air
Choked with horsehair) - Infinite Divisibles Split
- An infinity of open sewers -
The Four then fashion an immense earth-moving 
Device from the collective jawbones
- The Horse Rotorvator -
With which to plough up the waiting world
- (ROTA turns through 180 degrees to TARO) -
Wheals replace Horses - Dark Horses Run
Dark Horses Run Deep
(We plough the fields and scatter
Our Dead Steeds on the land)
...And Hell is paved with horseflesh

15 July, 2014


Hanatarash - Hanatarash 3 (1989)

13 July, 2014


Fushitsusha - Purple Trap: The Wound That Was Given Birth To Must Be Bigger Than The Wound That Gave Birth (1995)

12 July, 2014

06 July, 2014

04 July, 2014


Marshstepper - Give Yourself To The Moon (2014)

20 June, 2014

Arne Vidar Røed

Prurient - The History of Aids (2002)

15 June, 2014

11 June, 2014

Naturalis Historia

Wreck And Reference - Want (2014)

Deus non sibi potest mortem consciscere, si velit, quod homini dedit optimum in tantis vitae poenis.

I can't think of a label in 2014 that would benefit more from including suicide hotline pamphlets with each purchase than the Flenser. Their back-to-back-to-back releases are a testament to the various misfortunes that can render life a burden and make it worse than annihilation. The most recent dose of blubber-stripping misery is flayed courtesy of the tall, dark, and handsome duo known as Wreck and Reference. All the genre-defying gloominess of 2012's No Youth is present: cryptic verse belted out in nihilistic howl and underpinned by poignant synthesizer. Want overtakes its predecessor with a more robust and disorienting rhythm section, solidifying W&R's trademark brand of incurable depravity.

Catch W&R on tour now with Deafheaven and Pallbearer.

31 May, 2014


Sexdrome - Grown Younger (2010)

18 May, 2014


Magma - Attahk (1978)

HR Giger, the man responsible for designing the greatest microphone stand ever, passed away early last week. The Swiss born biomechanical nightmare technician was most famous for his conception of film monsters, but his work was also used for album covers of varying musical merit (ranging from dollar bin fodder to wall-shelf masterpiece). Here are three records that feature Giger artwork and lean toward the latter end of the spectrum.


Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Biomechanoïd (1980)


Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion (1985)

08 May, 2014


Arne Nordheim - Electric (1974)

03 May, 2014


Moebius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta (1980)

Free Roman Polanski

Martin Rev - Martin Rev (1980)

18 April, 2014

Werkstatt Odem

39 Clocks - Pain It Dark (1981)

13 April, 2014


Moss Icon - Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly (1993)

10 April, 2014

Avenging Cowboy Hero

Fugazi - Steady Diet Of Nothing (1991)

08 March, 2014

07 March, 2014


Haus Arafna - All I Can Give (2013)

21 February, 2014


Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids (1984)


Tormentor - Anno Domini (1989)

17 February, 2014

Lemuel Penn

Nehëmah - Requiem Tenebrae (2004)