31 January, 2014

DAD 3008

Red House Painters - Red House Painters (1993)

CAD 1013

His Name Is Alive - Home Is In Your Head (1991)

This album is for everyone who feels like another purposeless object among the totality of contents within the world and cannot find a proper sanctuary within the flesh-lined walls of their own body. Listening to this is like simultaneously re-living every time you've been abandoned, heartbroken, disappointed, wanted to wrap around a noose around your neck and stand on a block of ice, etc.

18 January, 2014


Hijokaidan - No Paris / No Harm (1988)

10 January, 2014


Skullflower - Obsidian Shaking Codex (1993)

07 January, 2014


Bolt Thrower - War Master (1991)

Dedicated to Josh Barnett, who was at the receiving end of a brutal skull bashing from an angry islander last month.

02 January, 2014

Fond Affections

Cindytalk - Camouflage Heart (1984)

Spooky seance tunes from the guy who sang this.