25 August, 2014

All Human Is Error

Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever (1980)

21 August, 2014

19 August, 2014

EMS Vocoder 1000

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook (1984)

The human voices heard on this album were created from recordings of speech and song. The original recordings were made in the following languages: Aboroginal, Afghan, Arabic, Balinese, Buhndi, Chad, Chinese, English, Eskimo, French, Gabonese, German, Hungarian, Indian, Japanese, Madagascan, Malayan, Pigmy, Quechua, Russian, Sioux, Spanish, Swedish, Tibetan, Turkish. They were edited and transformed using different electronic devices. 
First edition.

18 August, 2014


Werkraum  - Unsere Feuer Brennen! (2004)

16 August, 2014

Mõniste vald

Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford - Autumn Calls (1998)

07 August, 2014

Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– Dedicated To J. Goebbels (1983)